Beauty for me is always something that is in the process of becoming, never something absolute. Beauty is an event. That's why beauty has something to do with glamor, glamor, which is originally a spell or a hex. You can be blinded by beauty, but you can also be dazzled. But this delusion must not hide the fact that we would miss something without BEAUTIES. Both outer and inner beauty are concerned with the worldliness of a once metaphysical and religious extra-worldliness.

As a collagist, I have committed myself not only to art but also to philosophy. It has been my dream since my student days to present my art with my own texts. Art, artists and the world are today networked in an infinite discourse. My remarks on my pictures should make up a part of this picture-text discourse with quotes, cultural-philosophical explanations and personal statements.

My art of collage implies other images and is thus both autonomous work and thematization of culture.

Schönheit  blendet. 


Schönheit  überwältigt. 


Schönheit  macht  dumm. 


Schönheit  schafft  Ressentiments. 


Schönheit  ist  körperlich. 


Schönheit  ist  geistig. 


Schönheit  ist  äußerlich. 


Schönheit  ist  innerlich. 


Schönheit  stirbt. 


Schönheit  lebt. 


Schönheit  ist  Lüge. 


Schönheit ist Wahrheit.


Schönheit  ist  interesselos. 


Schönheit  ist  ein  Mythos. 


Schönheit  ist  ein  Zauber. 


Schönheit  ist  ein  Ereignis. 


Schönheit  ist  Erscheinung. 


Schönheit  ist  ein  Ideal. 


Schönheit  ist  Sein. 


Schönheit ist Werden.


Schönheit  ist  Spiel. 


Schönheit ist Verführung.


Schönheit  ist  ein  Trugbild. 


Schönheit  ist  Leben. 


Schönheit ist Transzendenz.


Schönheit ist Transparenz.


Schönheit  ist  ein  Glücksversprechen. 


Schönheit  ist  erhaben. 

Heribert Heere